Learn how to master design
so you can charge more for your products or services.

Create a style guide and how to use it as a roadmap to build a beautifully branded website

A straightforward, seriously in-depth, tested and proven systemized process, for web developers and business owners

Here’s the deal.
Some websites look polished, cohesive, captivating, flawlessly beautiful, and were evidently built by a professional. Other websites, well, let’s just say that they look unbranded, underwhelmingly cluttered, unattractive, messy, difficult to navigate and seem to have been patched together by an inexperienced amateur.

There are secrets to turning a website from ‘meh’ to a flawlessly designed digital masterpiece. I’m here to teach you all of them.

Is this you?
You’ve watched endless tuts but still can’t ‘get it right’ when it’s time to implement.
You’re having trouble ‘getting started’ on building a website and keeping it  ‘On Brand’.
You’re struggling with lack of inspiration and spend hours stuck staring at a blank screen.
You’re frustrated with the amount of time it takes to decide on a design direction.
You’re lacking confidence and feel overwhelmed when it’s time to pick colors and fonts.
You’re embarrassed and reluctant to show your website to clients and colleagues.
Not everyone needs to hire an expensive designer. Let me help you learn design principles and share my secrets so you can go from wasted time, frustration and overwhelm to confidence, polish and refinement. Proudly present your website, earn your client’s respect and command higher prices.
It’s time to level-up your skills. Let me guide you through my easy to follow, tried, tested and well thought-out system, utilizing free tools and resources whenever possible.
What will you learn?
Create a brand style guide for a flawless user experience
Generate the perfect color palette centered around your brand
Understand the rules of impactful typography and font pairing
Master the laws of contrast, visual hierarchy and white-space
Set up GeneratePress and Elementor with your branding elements
Practical steps to creating consistency and cohesive design
Confidently plan, present and lay out your content across pages
Translate your style guide into a completely branded website
You will also get these amazing benefits
  • Lifetime access and unlimited updates
  • Exclusive templates and layouts
  • Private Facebook group where you can get support from me and other members
  • Access to my secret “Tool Box”
  • Bonus course material, worksheets and cheatsheets
  • Feedback from me on your designs
And much, much more…

Students Reviews For DesignClass

Lee Jackson
Perfect for developers who want to develop stronger design skills!

As a developer with an eye for design I've always struggled to create new designs. That all changed when I too Mor Cohen's Design Class!

She's unpacked design theory in such a way that I can EASILY understand it and apply it to my day to day web build process. The course is SUPER organised, and she clearly sets my expectations, then she teaches me, then she wraps up that section cementing everything I've learned into easy to remember one liners. I've never quite experienced a course like this!

It has been a pleasure to learn from Mor, and to work through the course. She is a complete legend! If you want to sharpen your design skills, or become a designer, I HIGHLY recommend this course!
Kevin Roberts
Excellent. Just Excellent.

The highlights for me were the color module and the module on setting up GeneratePress and Elementor. The color module was good because it provides the tools and methods I can use to select a color palette that will look great without depending on my color-blind judgement. The module on Generate Press and Elementor is going to streamline my project startup immensely and showed me some efficiencies in setting up default typography and colors. An excellent course all around.
Tom DeBello
Design challenged developers, this course was made for you.

Mor's course takes you from start to finish explaining the elements and reasoning behind website design. Typography, font pairing, colors and layouts - this course covers the full spectrum. At the end you'll have proper brand board you can share with your clients.

If at any time you get stuck, Mor is easily reached and more than willing to help. Between the videos, templates, resources, community, and help from the teacher herself; it would take MORE effort to NOT learn than to pick up some very valuable skills here.

Seriously, you’re doing yourself a disservice by missing out on this course. Enroll and take away useful information you can implement in your business right away!
Nick Gulic
Learning so much!

I'd consider myself a fairly good designer. Client feedback supports that. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I was learning from the first module alone! I like learning from people better than me, and Mor is definitely world class. It shows that there is a big difference between good and great, and I feel pretty confident this course will help get me to be great!!
Jenny Sponton
This is a must have to your design business!

My goodness I cant say enough good things about the course and the instructor. After taking just the first two modules on typography and color, I learned so much that I was able to put together the color branding for 4 new brands in 1 day! Not to mention I was messaging Mor to make sure I was understanding it correctly she was kind, attentive, and happy to help answer all of my questions.

Her videos are very well put together too. She speaks slowly and is clear, making sure to pay attention to the details and showing you everything that she is explaining. This really helps the student to be able to retain the information better. I have taken many courses from, and other various places but this course was by far where I have learned the most and was able to apply the information immediately to my business.
Lindsey Barlow
Amazing Course!

Mor beautifully explains the why and how of design theory and immediately shows you how to put it into practice when designing for clients. You get a full understanding of why each area of design, typography, color, spacing, branding is so important to get right and she shows you her process to make that happen. The tools she shares and the bonus templates are amazing, so you leave the course ready to go. She has thought of everything. I loved it and will use it over and over I'm sure.
Niamh Hogan
Great Course on Colours, Fonts, Brand Boards and setup for each Web Client.

Amazing course with plenty of detail and links to grow your knowledge on the steps to define a clients branding setup for their website. How many colours you need and where to use them, typography guidance and the customer wow factor with a brand board. Has changed how I will start designing for each client - the course has really helped me. Course is nicely paced and one I will be referring to again and again .

Great links and material in the course too - Thanks Mor!!
Charles Kile
The Missing Link.

I've been designing websites for a long time and I always struggled a ton when it came to picking colors. I would usually just keep changing colors throughout the project until I didn't hate them anymore. There was no rhyme nor reason. No method to my madness. It truly made me mad.

This all changed when I took the DesignClass Course. I finally had a system to follow that would guide my designs from the beginning so I wouldn't be sweating it. This course is short, thank goodness. But, it goes deep. I watched it three times, constantly taking notes and making a Standard Operating Procedure. I've used the tools and techniques on this course on three projects so far and it's now part of the core features of my design process.

I recommend this course for anyone who ever needs to choose colors, fonts, or layouts for anything that needs to be visually appealing or functional. As a side note, Mor, the creator of this course, is a superb human being and was very helpful in giving me feedback on the first couple brand boards I made. If you're still reading this just do yourself a favor and buy the course. You'll make your money back before you know it.
Daniel Barbour
After this course, design makes sense!

This course does a great job of giving a framework for assembling the necessary elements that produce a professional brand guide. Armed with the brand guide, it's very easy to put together a website for a client and ensure all the elements tie together for a coherent brand message.

Before this course, I was completely lost when trying to figure out how to get started (and I often outsourced a lot of the design work). Now I have the competence and confidence to assemble a great colour palette, make informed decisions about the right typography to use, and I have the perfect template to present a client with the brand board. The biggest benefit with this in my opinion is that I can explain the reasons for choosing a colour or a typography without the client telling me their preferences. I can talk to them, discover their brand voice, and help represent the brand through the design elements I've learned about.

Another major benefit I got from this course was in the process, when it comes time to turn the brand board into a real website. Some of the big surprise bonuses in this course will make it super easy to convert my design decisions into a professional website that my clients are happy with. Very happy with what I've learned in this course!!
Mike Sale
Focused and practical with plenty of helpful documents and tools!

When I first looked at the modules I wondered, "Is this all I need?" Then I took the plunge and find myself working everything into my processes for delivering fantastic sites that are well designed!

Every module is not *just* theory, but also exercises using practical tools to accomplish real tasks. Then makes that reusable with downloadable reference documents and for GeneratePress users, a site library unique to the students that takes the drudgery out of going through all the different Customizer settings. That alone will save you the hours on one just to justify the cost of the course!

What takes this course over the top, and truly makes it "Five Star" is the support and help from Mor's group. You'll find top talent from a design *and* web developer perspective to help you understand and even review your use of the tools and techniques taught in the class. Stuck on something in particular? The community is full of different sorts of helpers who are responsive and experienced!

I suggest this course to anyone who is looking for a way to up their game and create fantastic looking sites with great UX.
Hi, I’m Mor, and I will be your instructor.

I am the owner and lead designer of, a successful branding and web design agency. I am an endorsed and preferred GeneratePress and Elementor front-end web designer. My sites are showcased in GeneratePress Premium library. I am on a mission to share my extensive experience and expertise to help you excel and level-up your design skills.

Mor is a talented designer you can definitely trust. It's not only because of her design skills, but her integrity, willingness to generously share her knowledge, and care of our Elementor community.
Ben Pines
Mor is a talented designer with great attention to detail. Her professionalism and work ethic stands out in everything she does. If you need help with your website design, she will go above and beyond to help you.
Tom Usborne
Mor is an amazing member of the WordPress community, and contributor to our Agency Trailblazer community. She gives so much in time and talent to help others. Her work on GeneratePress and her legend in Elementor circles is inspiring. I'm super excited as she launches this new programme! Go Mor!
Lee Jackson
Angled Crown
Mor's talent for front-end design is only rivaled by her tenacity to deliver the best results for her clients. Working with Mor is always exciting and fresh, an opportunity to learn from her should not be turned away.
David Beckwith
Flint Skin
Got any questions?

Yes, absolutely! I will be providing you with tools and systems to walk you through every design decision.

Not at all. Other than GeneratePress Premium and Elementor pro, most of the tools and resources you will use are free.

Yes! You will have direct email access to me for support with any course related questions. I will also be available to provide feedback on your designs once you have completed the course.

Yes! This is a self-paced course so you can progress at your own pace, and can always go back to reference and repeat lessons as needed.

The course is delivered though video presentations as well as transcripts. Bonus material is delivered as PDFs, .JSON and .ZIP files.

Please note:
This course will not teach you how to become a web developer, code, SEO, hosting, plugins, writing content or marketing your website. Basic knowledge of WordPress, GeneratePress and Elementor is assumed and a prerequisite.

More Students Reviews

Dean Heasley
SO worth it!

I'd been looking for an understandable web design course for a long time. I got to know Mor in some of the FB groups and when she started this course, I knew it would be great. It is. It's succinct and thorough. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to increase their web design capabilities.
Richard Hartland
Would Highly Recommend.

I had a little bit of knowledge about website branding, but this course has given me both the theory and application for fonts, colours, layouts, spacing and more, enabling me to consistently deliver high quality and consistent branding elements. The creator, Mor, is also incredibly responsive and helpful if you don't understand or want feedback on any of the course. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to deliver high quality branding for their web projects.
Thuy Dung Cao
Awesome from start to finish. I learnt a lot and it was definitely worth the money!
Remko Sieben

Wow, what a lot of valuable content! I was blown away by the level of details and depth provided. Fonts and colors will never be the same again! Now my own site needs to be recreated from scratch all over again... 🙁 But I LIKE it!!
Manuel Avella-Salazar
This has long been the best online course I have bought.

I bought the course "DesignClass" just today - and what can I say? Here is really quality over quantity. All contents are clearly understandable and interesting. This has long been the best online course I have bought. Full 5 stars!
Helen Webster
A revelation!

The DesignClass by Mor Cohen is one of the best design courses I have seen in a very long time. Mor has gone above and beyond to take her students on an inspirational journey by understanding how colors, typography and personal style can be combined to create the ultimate branding for any kind of media.

This course will be my go-to whenever I get stuck or feel lost and uninspired.
Angie Neal
10 /10 There are only 5 stars, but it deserves 10!

Thank you Mor for this amazing course! I absolutely recommend this course to anyone. It will be a great asset to my business to ensure we are all on the same track.
Christina Ventzos
A game changer!

I just finished the course and I'm excited to start implementing everything I've learned. As a seasoned designer, this was a great refresher course and invaluable for applying good design principles towards the web platform. Really excited to use the resources and tools. It's a game changer and time saver for sure. Great job!

TL;DR - You need this. I’ll teach you. Enroll NOW.

What is the investment for this fountain of knowledge?

This course is worth over $1,500, but I want to reach as many people as possible, so I’m offering it at this crazy price of just 


Due to the nature and delivery method of this digital course, no refunds are available once payment is processed.